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Glassdome Solution

Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA industry has traditionally been heavily reliant on tables of estimated impact from manufacturing processes. These estimates don’t always reflect the reality of individual factory operations. With particular expertise in EV battery production, Glassdome verifies real-time energy consumption, mapped against real-time product output, for the most accurate carbon footprint calculations available.

Food and Beverage

Still tracking HACCP data with pen and paper? That may still fly in some jurisdictions, but the future is digital. Glassdome retains critical food safety data permanently, backed up in the cloud.


GMPs are important not only for compliance, but also for efficacy. Temperature excursions can cause an entire batch to be lost in a flash. That’s why Daewoong Pharma uses Glassdome’s AI engine to predict and avoid such threats – 3 hours ahead of time.


Paper and Packaging, Building Materials, and Concrete are just some of the variety of industries using Glassdome today. Wherever systems aren’t talking to each other; wherever there is a PLC whose data is going nowhere; or wherever employees are using pen and paper; that’s where you’ll find us.

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