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Powering Sustainable
Transformation for Manufacturers

With expertise in manufacturing data acquisition, 
Glassdome is making regulatory reporting more accurate and less burdensome.

A Single Source of Truth

Across Pharmaceuticals, EV Batteries, and other regulated industries,
Glassdome is leveraging primary data for the most accurate and timely reporting available.
We even go on-site with suppliers for comprehensive Scope 3 calculations.

Use Glassdome To…


Streamline Compliance

HACCP, GMPs, LCA, EPD, PEF – we’ve got your acronyms covered



Improve Operations

Optimize machine settings and asset utilization. Use Glassdome to identify bottlenecks and increase OEE.



Reduce Downtime

Find out what’s really driving lost productivity



Prepare for the future

All too often, the benefits of AI and ML are beyond reach because we don’t have enough good data.

Lay the groundwork for successful projects by leveraging Glassdome’s factory data acquisition expertise.


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what Glassdome can do for you

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